Goldendict Dictionary

Goldendict Dictionary


GoldenDict is a free Windows & Mobile  multi-format dictionary program with reach formatting, colors, images and sounds. It fully supports a lot of popular dictionary formats. You can now carry all the dictionaries you want together with you on your computers and Android devices.

Supported formats

  • Lingoes .LD2 files
  • Babylon .BGL files
  • ABBYY Lingvo .LSD, .DSL, .LSA and .DAT files
  • StarDict files
  • Dictd files
  • Hunspell morphologies


  • All content is shown in full formatting, with images and sounds.
  • It’s fast. It flies when you have a dozen of dictionaries, and can handle hundreds of dictionaries simultaneously fairly well, too.
  • The program will understand your typing no matter how you do it – forget about diacritics, case or punctuation!
  • In-program popup mode is supported. Configure your e-book reader to use “ColorDict3″ as your dictionary interface, and GoldenDict will pop up.
  • Translating from clipboard is easy – just press and hold “Search” button on your device!
  • Supported devices: all Android versions starting from 1.5 and up to 4.1.

Direct links to GoldenDict Dictionary Glossaries

GoldenDict 1.0.11 Dictionary Software

  1. Glossary 1
  2. Glossary 2
  3. Glossary 3
  4. Glossary 4
  5. Glossary 5
  6. Glossary 6
  7. Glossary 7
  8. Glossary 8
  9. Glossary 9
  10. Glossary 10

Dictionaries with sounds

  1. Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary
  2. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition
  3. Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
  4. Merriam Webster Collegiate 11
  5. American Heritage Dictionary
  6. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
  7. Collins + sounds

Download Single files

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