Mind your language

Mind your language

mind-your-language-dvd-cover-oversizeAs the chap heading up Literacy at my school, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking around the subject over the past year. I’ve become particularly interested in the need for oral language to develop written language and have been working with subject leaders to determine how students can think, speak and write like subject specialists. Kelly Hawkins, the head of Art at Clevedon School, has been getting her students to ‘think like artists’ for some time and it seemed a natural extension to work with teachers to encourage students to speak like geographers and write like scientists.

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Season I

The First Lesson
The Best Things in Life
A Fate Worse Than Death
The Examination
Better to Have Loved and Lost
All Through the Night
How’s Your Father
A Point of Honour
Hello Sailor
Kill Or Cure
The Cheating Game
An Inspector Calls
Come Back All Is Forgiven

Season II

Brief Re-Encounter
A Hard Day’s Night (Part 1 and 2)
Don’t Forget The Driver
Take Your Partners
Many Happy Returns
All Present If Not Correct
Queen for a Day
After Three

Season III

I Belong To Glasgow
No Flowers By Request (Part 1)
Guilty Or Not Guilty
Who Loves Ya Baby (Part 1)
The School Fete
What A Tangled Web
Who Loves Ya Baby (Part 2)
Just The Job (Part 1)
Repent At Leisure (Part 1)
Repent At Leisure (Part 2)
No Flowers By Request (Part 2)
Just The Job (Part 2)

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