Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language DVDS & Guidebook

Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language DVDS & Guidebook


The 36 lectures of Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language—taught by acclaimed linguist, author, and Professor John McWhorter from Columbia University—are your opportunity to take a revealing journey through the fascinating terrain of linguistics. You focus on the scientific aspects of human language that were left out of any classes you may have taken in English or a foreign language, and you emerge from your journey with a newfound appreciation of the mysterious machinery built into all of us—an appreciation likely to surface time and again in your everyday life.

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Lecture 1 – What is Linguistics
Lecture 2 – The Sounds of Language – Consonants
Lecture 3 – The Other Sounds – Vowels
Lecture 4 – In the Head versus On the Lips
Lecture 5 – How to Make a Word
Lecture 6 – The Chomskyan Revolution


Lecture 7 – Deep Structure and Surface Structure
Lecture 8 – The On-Off Switches of Grammar
Lecture 9 – Shades of Meaning and Semantic Rules
Lecture 10 – From Sentence to Storytelling
Lecture 11 – Language on Its Way to Becoming a New One
Lecture 12 – Recovering Languages of the Past


Lecture 13 – Where Grammar Comes From
Lecture 14 – Language Change from Old English to Now
Lecture 15 – What Is an Impossible Language
Lecture 16 – How Children Learn to Speak
Lecture 17 – How We Learn Languages as Adults
Lecture 18 – How You Talk and How They Talk


Lecture 19 – How Class Defines Speech
Lecture 20 – Speaking Differently, Changing the Language
Lecture 21 – Language and Gender
Lecture 22 – Languages Sharing the World – Bilingualism
Lecture 23 – Languages Sharing a Sentence – Code-Switching
Lecture 24 – The Rules of Conversation


Lecture 25 – What Is This Thing Called Language
Lecture 26 – Speech as Action
Lecture 27 – Uses of Talk from Culture to Culture
Lecture 28 – Does Language Channel Thought – The Evidence
Lecture 29 – Does Language Channel Thought – New Findings
Lecture 30 – Is Language Going to the Dogs


Lecture 31 – Why Languages Are Never Perfect
Lecture 32 – The Evolution of Writing
Lecture 33 – Writing Systems
Lecture 34 – Doing Linguistics – With a Head Start
Lecture 35 – Doing Linguistics – From the Ground Up
Lecture 36 – The Evolution of Language

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